My Horse and I

It’s not easy being in a relationship with someone. A horse is no different. Doing something together as a team is communication personified. I get you and you get me. That is the final result when you know it is up to you to make it last. I needed to relearn some things and figure my horse’s understanding of what I need, what I want. It’s a beautiful ride when it gets figured out.


I am grateful for the opportunities I have to participate in many activities. Here is a moving forward poem I created I can I will I did I went I saw I gave I receive I practice I care I participate I chose You can keep adding to this freestyle poem. Go ahead?


I am a mixture of interest; actually I am a person of instant inspiration. A reason for my photography, I say and you will find out, is to appreciate and have a grateful document for what the eye sees quickly but then is forgotten, maybe, or you will go back to it. I am a […]