is type 2 diabetes an autoimmune disease?

For decades, doctors and researchers believed that type 2 diabetes was a metabolic disorder. This type of disorder occurs when your body’s natural chemical processes don’t work properly. Recent research suggests that type 2 diabetes may actually be an autoimmune disease. This from

Although there’s no cure for type 2 diabetes, studies show it’s possible for some people to reverse it. Through diet changes and weight loss, you may be able to reach and hold normal blood sugar levels without medication. This doesn’t mean you’re completely cured. Type 2 diabetes is an ongoing disease. Dec 18, 2018

The above articles I copied from google search. They are at least written within the year, so quite current. If you do a google search on Type 2 Diabetes there is so much info.

Type 2 diabetes is like a gopher that scurries around digging holes, then onto another hole to dig. 1 gopher is enough not 100. We have 100’s of sugars to burn off. So on it goes about the metabolic system and the sugar scurrying around to find a cell that will efficiently burn that sugar and turn it into energy in our bodies. The burning of sugars’ cell is not very efficient in a type 2 diabetic.

You gotta keep the activity of exercise regularly to keep the cells open to work properly. This is a crazy analogy comparing gopher activity with burning sugar in our bodies; but it’s working for me right now.

I have type 2 diabetes or high blood sugar since 2012. I am just now understanding the complications that can go with it.

Are you practicing good health and understand how to keep your organs functioning properly so they can be relieved of overworking?

I am continuing on with activities I do enjoy. Horse riding, swimming, hiking. The gym team training I signed up for in January is fantastic. It may be a difficult program to return to if too much pressure on my feet with the weights and cardio that is combined in a team training session.

I have to make choices and I am listening to my body. My body is a good doctor companion. I confer with it as well as my family physician.

How I am healing from Morton’s Neuroma

Oh my! my foot has pain between my 3rd and 4th toe. I went to the Doctor. Nothing on the X-ray that was done. I am waiting for an UltraSound. My doctor thinks it is a Morton’s Neuroma. What is that you ask?

My understanding of this diagnosis, is my foot has a nerve that is inflamed and it is almost always between the 3rd and 4th toes when it happens and henceforth it is a neuroma. I don’t know where the Morton comes from. Irrelevant! No pictures are needed. If I showed you my foot where the neuroma is you would see a normal foot. Nerve pain is internal. This is how I am healing this foot:

  • gel toe separators to be worn as much as is comfortable
  • foot movement to pickup a towel or pencil for 1 minute
  • heel walking for 30 seconds
  • walking on the ball of my feet for 30 seconds
  • extra strength Tylenol
  • peppermint essential oil on the ball of my foot

If you want to see how the foot exercises are to be practiced, clic on this link below for a very quick video on how to perform these simple foot exercises.

This is a serious issue and I do not want surgery to remove whatever is in between my 3rd and 4th toes.

No more surgeries for me.

I have researched this diagnosis and the above foot therapy exercises must be done diligently and keeping toe separators in until that inflamed nerve is healed, will stop it from pain and a surgery.

That is going to be me! Here is a photo of my foot because I know you really want to see my invisible foot pain and I painted my toes to match my open toed support sandals. See you can’t tell if I have foot pain as there is no swelling or rash?

It is my left foot and I am no longer on any anti-inflammatory!

Beginner Rider No More

It has been 17 years that I considered myself a beginner horse/equestrian rider.

I can honestly, being objective, state I am now a intermediate rider.

This is my horse, Grace. She is a 11 year old Buckskin Mare.

Maybe another post will show me riding her. It is difficult to get pictures of me riding. That will be another post. I need to find a camera person, that would be my husband.

Happy Riding!

cards no longer in the mail

E-cards are fun! a birthday text is nice. A phone call is lovely. I need validation and the only time of year I want that is on my birthday. I love to receive a card in the mail. Come on, don’t you wish you could get birthday cards in the mail?

Mail postal service delivers parcels from on-line shopping. What has happened to the art or craft of purchasing a paper card?; handwriting a note inside it, then placing the card inside the envelope , locating the address to handprint on the outside of the envelope and then, I shan’t say it? buy a postage stamp to place on the right hand top corner of your envelope.

Mail it! and the receiver will love it. They will be so unexpectedly surprised and feel very validated.

I still get cards from our old realtor and from our financial planner. My husband even got a phone call wishing him a happy birthday from his car dealer. That was cool and very personal!

My birthday is the one day I like to think is a validation of another year of me surviving or enduring or let’s hope loving my life and knowing I am important to someone.

If it is your birthday today, you are worthwhile and


oh…and the card is in the mail

I expect good things everyday

I acknowledge the good things and unexpected surprises that happen in each of my days.

For example, yesterday I got a call from the Fed Ex pick up centre that my shoes from the Netherlands arrived. The delivery date was stated for July 3rd (6 days from now) and it showed up June 28. Happy I was! I wanted to wear them for the July 1st long weekend festivities!

I came home tired and grumpy after sitting in the doctors office for an hour and a half and then buying groceries just before the long weekend started. I sat down on the deck and peeked over to my little flower bed below and my peony bush had one bud that refused to bloom the last couple of weeks. I thought it was dying. It had bloomed.

Three days ago, I shared my biography/memoir that I had written, of my son, who passed away 15 years ago. I shared it with a good friend who also lost her son several years ago. The reward and surprise that I received from her was a good thing. She read the biography and responded with such understanding I was in tears with gratitude. I was not expecting this surprise.

Expect good surprises!

too many photos

I have been searching for all my digital photos I have taken and stored on websites over the years. There were many on Flickr photography gallery and my other blog. I even think Picasa has some too. I have switched laptops several times and tried to keep them all. It was too confusing with all the different places to store. iCloud is helpful at times.

I am still searching and Picasa is the next on-line search. My photos before 2016 are lost. Google photos has taken over the control on Picasa now. Taking snaps is a snap in this instantaneous world we are in. How to keep track? How many storage places? I miss the photo scrapbook when it comes to retrieving the pictures of long ago. I have a storage of many photo books in my wall unit as well.

Here is a photo I found in Picasa/Google photos. It’s me back in 2011 and here I am so wanting to publish a book that I picked up a self publishing guide. I wanted to be a writer. I still do. What a good surprise! I will publish my writings it is written in the stars now.

Finding photos is so wonderful and it can remind you of things or events you stopped doing or wanting but now you can get back to them. Life distracts! Can never have too many photos.

cannot get enough of our Orioles this year

I am comfortable being uncomfortable!

I am an 11 year experienced blogger on the blogging site of here is the link kirkville acreage about my acreage life in south west Saskatchewan and art and my grief journey.

This is a new process. I have paid for the personal plan with WordPress and I have a new domain name. I weigh heavy on the word paid because that was holding me back from doing this website and posting so new readers will enjoy or learn from what I share. If I do not invest I won’t get the appropriate help.

I want lots of photography on here and horses and inspirational photos I snap myself.

I am subscribed to the website The Art of Blogging.

I am open and available to get some good tips on how to present a new website with words and language that new readers with attract too from this website.

I just read the latest post and it says always create a good headline before you start writing the post. True. To pick a good headline or title for the post is the most fun! It will keep me on track with what I want the post to do for the reader.

Are you an experienced website owner? Do you blog? or Vlog. I can do videos on my youtube channel but I want to just photo snap and chat here and learn from you, the reader, and get a smile on your face or connect with me from my photography.

I want to place a photo on this post? I never write without one. First time for everything and out of my comfort zone. I am comfortable being uncomfortable here.