almost everyone showed up

My folks turned 90 and are still doing pretty ‘dang’ good.

Missing from our family are 2 nieces and my sister-in-law.

This was a quick get together and fast food saved the day.

Houston Pizza provided the food of lasagne, ham and pineapple pizza and pepperoni pizza, ribs, ceaser salad and garlic toast (my favourite) is garlic bread.

We are a family of quick get togethers and the simpler the better. My sister and I are not fancy hosts for elaborate food. We just want every one to connect once in a while.

It is very important to keep the connection with our family.

Relationships in the immediate family and beyond can have past hurts and past tragedies; it is important for me and anyone who wishes for more family connection to make the effort to “get yourself out of the way” and step out to connect.

Family is strength, love and power. It is who we are and where we belong.

Happy Labour Day!

travelling August

Points-of-interest photos that caught my attention this month.

Golden fields waiting for harvest in the Qu’Appelle Valley as we left Crooked Lake.

I am learning how to not scare a herd of cattle. I walk by cows that are settled eating pasture grass and laying down, frequently. I could literally make them run! Now, I just stop and look at them and let them check me out and they usually stay where they are now.

Red Roan cow
Crooked Lake Provincial Park
Bonfire. Sculpture of a burning farm at the Western Canada Summer Games festival at the exhibition park. This was a welded and sculpted scene of what you would see on a farm. The old truck, tall wheat, an oil rigger, old machinery. It was super creepy actually, as it was emblazoned in fire. Very unique!
I just liked this landscape arrangement at Riverside Park, Swift Current.

I am looking forward to September and the energy of harvest is almost starting in our family. My brother-in-law is on his last year of farming and he is getting anxious to start the combines. The rains come off and on and is preventing harvest to take off. My husband is anxious to get out there and do his part on the grain cart.

September brings a season of new beginnings and start-ups!

this blog is really a healing centre

I started blogging many years ago. I lost my first born child; Graham, (photo below). He was hearing impaired.

He wore in-the-ear hearing aids with the volume unit wrapped behind his ear and attached to the ear mold in his ear.

He was not deaf. He just couldn’t hear the low sounds. He lived in both worlds of hearing and not hearing.

I call this blog “The Flash Speaks”! That is how I heal by posting a photo that I took myself and talking about any topic that manifests itself.

It is a practice to write a post and do it well. Authenticity is the key.

I was sent an email from a problogger that I follow and he said “what is your brand”? What are readers saying about your blog? What knowledge are you sharing with the readers? You need a brand.

He is correct.

This new website is about healing.

Graham in Grade 5 wearing an FM system that connected to a microphone the teacher has clipped on their shirt.

This above photo was taken by my son’s Resource Room Teacher in 1995. Graham consistently attended a resource room all through his school years. It was mandatory.

So, here is what it must of been like. He heard things, words, teachers’ voices, schoolmates talking.

He attended the resource room at the school and finds out maybe he didn’t understand or hear it all so he needed more teaching. So it is confusing to configure out from what he heard on his own vs visiting another room to have it exemplified or corrected from yet another teacher.

As a parent we were either over amplifying or clarifying words and teaching sounds. Or even just assuming he understood and heard everything; being busy or distracted we were not always on our game.

Of course, more time listening and more time asking questions is what I would change if I could turn back the times AND…..

the big one….waiting patiently for him to figure out a reply.

As a parent, I know I am not alone with some regrets raising children. I have processed this through the years of grief.

I am feeling the need to write now about our life as parents with hearing impaired children. We had two boys with this hearing loss.

My second born son Tommy beside me. He was born hearing impaired as well
and practiced the difficult art of living in our world of hearing and not hearing. He is my blessing. I am so thankful I have him.

This is really about why I was inspired to blog. I am not a writer. I am a blog poster. My brand is this healing website. I just share my life.

Windy photo op at Crooked Lake

It was windy today so it really created a different atmosphere on this beach.

A wedding arbor on the beach.
I love this!
orange plumed cockscomb
red plumed cockscomb

I have been trying to look up the names of the orange and red flowered plants above to no avail. If you know what they are please comment.

updated: Aug23, 2019 – the plants have now been named!

Rocky, Grace, Norman

Here are 3 of our horses that we own.

Rocky on the left. He is a golden dun gelding.

Grace is on the right: She is a buckskin mare.

I rode Rocky for a few years while I learned to ride.

Grace came into the picture 2 years ago. Love having a girlfriend horse for me. All the other horses are geldings.

And below is Norman my spouse’s new purchase. He is a 7 year old Off The Track Thoroughbred (OTTB). He has a good mind and is learning to trust his new owner.

We call him Norman. His registered name is Roman Humour.

There are many stories to share if we put our minds to writing them all down. Maybe someday we will.

My spouse has been riding horses for 18 years.

It is an amazing adventure owning and riding these animals.

do you trust?

This is a trust post. Nature can be trusted. I know that.

It rejuvenates the soul.

It rejuvenates the spirit.

It is wild and unpredictable

It is calm

It has these colours to express it’s mood: green and blue and gold and yellow and brown and black and grey and white and orange and …and

It can call you to hug a tree? why not? feel the trunk’s vibe and strength. What is it telling you?

Water is a moving force even if it is calm. the underneath of water is the big story and the picture I see when the water is still is it is okay right now and it keeps being okay. The undercurrent is strong and it changes and …hey! A person’s spirit is the same. We have undercurrents that we do not show. We appear calm when we have things under control but the body is the telling story of how you have managed the undercurrents in life. Did you ignore?

Did you guffaw some subtle messages?

You and I are human.

I trust nature to help me listen and watch and learn and repeat. Who and what else can you and I trust to keep life making sense!


Oh no..don’t get me started on rocks. That could be another post!

Appreciating the Cow

A nice looking cow and the cow is looking at me. It appears to be a short-horn roan coloured cow.

I have never been comfortable around cattle. They stare at me and then run. I now have learned to stop and look at them slowly and not to move fast.

Cows are meant to be here to feed us. God gave us animals and plants for our survival. I have no “beef” about eating beef or being vegan. I need protein and cows eat grass from the natural pastures that grow with prairie grass so they can eat. It is such a revolving wheel, this food cycle.

I always pass cows on my way into town and I live across the highway from a community pasture where cows are brought to this pasture and then leave in the fall.

When I first moved here with my partner I was on my own for a few weeks and I was out on the acreage and these cows that were pasturing close by kept me company. The mooing was reassuring and then they would huddle in one corner to keep those nasty flies under control and swish their tails. I appreciated the large herd and seeing them out my living room window. I didn’t feel so alone.

This cow story came up driving home today and seeing them lying in the grass.

I think I might talk about that at my 5 minute StorySlam night.

Artistic Expressions in the Southwest

I love this concept of art! a huge doll out in the field or on the roof top. It is so compelling. what do you think?

Heather Benning is the artist and she has done some cool perspectives. I mean huge cool perspectives.!

This is me/moi/selfie in front of the Swift Current Art Gallery with the field doll on the roof of the gallery.

Thirty professional Artists from Southwest Saskatchewan are on display at this gallery while the Western Canada Summer Games are on. My son is included amongst those 30. A little bragging here.!

Art is so open and brilliant and weird and fun and dark and creepy and can tell a story better than words!

Are you grounded and present?

I just returned from 5 days of travel from a visit with family and driving to the lakes, (love it) and attending the Canada Summer Games in Saskatchewan.

I realized I was still not present this morning. I had boiled a pot dry because I turned on the stove and was going to put water and eggs in the pot. But I walked away and sat on the deck to load my new photos from my trip instead.

My husband came home from town and turned off the burner and used some comet to clean the pot. Oops!

I went for a 20 minute walk outside to ground myself and breaths to empty my brain of stuff from my trip.

Let’s get back to what my focus was at these last few days.

Alberta and Yukon Territories competing in Girls Beach Volleyball

Watching the athletes play their games and their focus is the key! I get distracted too and have to concentrate on what the key players are doing to achieve a goal. It is a great way to practice being in the present moment.

Nunavut and Alberta competing in Beach Volleyball
lining up for the Kayak finals at Western Canada Summer Games 2019