How is Morton and his Neuroma these days?

I am talking about Morton’s Neuroma in the foot.

It is a new learning every week. My foot has been massaged and needles put in it and an upper cervical chiropractor treatment to align my spine, all in the last 2 weeks.

What worked? all of them. A significant change in my foot after my NUCCA adjustment. I mean it was a significant good change.

This is the list of treatments I have had and I know most of you will know what each treatment entails. Except for NUCCA.

  • Acupuncture – TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) alternative treatment using needles following the meridians of Chinese Medicine in the body.
  • Massage Therapy – movement and pressure of hands on muscles
  • Reflexology – acupressure points on foot
  • NUCCA is a Gentle Correction. SPECIFICALLY IT IS a gentle touch and controlled contact on the first vertebrae in the neck and is designed to restore balance to the spine. … This is because the NUCCA procedure influences one of the highest control centres over body balance, the brain stem and central nervous system.

Why is this condition of a pinched nerve on the ball of one’s foot called Morton’s Neuroma?

The condition is named after Thomas George Morton, though it was first correctly described by a chiropodist named Durlacher. … Though the condition is labeled as a neuroma, many sources do not consider it a true tumor, but rather a perineural fibroma (fibrous tissue formation around nerve tissue). I don’t know if these means anything to me.

So even if it is not a true tumor and is actually a fibrous tissue formation around the nerve , it is still something I must continue to reckon with.

No photos on this post. Okay here is a picture of shoes I wore a few years back. I loved them.

Changes in our body are challenging. This neuroma is heading for surgery more likely but I am keeping my foot healthy by stretching and strengthening exercises.

Wish me luck!

small points of interests around my home

I drive past this spot all the time and I finally stopped and found out what this body of water is all about. I mean it had a plaque created for it. I found it to be an interesting lake.

What this point of interest plaque says is:

The unusual circular lake seen to the West, was created as the result of the collapses in the geological formation beneath the lake a potash-rich, prairie evaporate salt formation 915 meters below the surface underlies most of Southern Saskatchewan. Ground water can dissolve the salt, causing the ground above to sink.

Crater Lake was formed by two different collapses. The first, prior to glaciation, led to a cylinder-shaped depression of about 100 meters in diameter and 43 meters deep, during the last deglaciation, about 13,600 years ago a second drop occurred around the first. This collapse was about 213 meters in diameter and 15-30 meters deep.

The circular shape was first thought to have been caused by a meteorite the lakes name was a result of this belief.

gathering by geese line up at Crater Lake

pretty plant fluff

Points of Interest are worth checking out. I’m glad I stopped in.

The Car

I finally took the photo. The old car on the intersection that just sits there for eternity. Was it put here for a marker? It sits on an intersection secondary road to a provincial park.

I just want to take a can of metal spray paint and make it a different colour like a solid red or maybe pink.

The funny thing is, and it is not funny of course, is I almost had an accident as I ran into the ditch across the road so to stop and get the shot I wanted.

I was sure I had room to pull over a bit and let traffic go by me but when I pulled over I went in and dipped down into the ditch. I kept creeping along in the ditch until the road I needed to get back on was clear of traffic. That was upsetting but all is okay and me and my vehicle are fine.

That’s crazy! Anyway, I got the shot by driving a little further down the road and turning into a nice gravel off-road which was an entrance to a farm yard.

When devastation knocks on your door

Well, it is messy

It is scary

You are out on a deserted island

I (you) are the only one this has happened to

I have to share and tell people what happened

I can’t let anyone know my life is crumbling

Who can help me?

It is such a messy journey getting the right people to help me

Who can fix this?

I am a survivor of that knock on the door

I am a survivor of the telephone call

What fixed me?

well, lots of processes and messy emotions

people changing

perceptions changing

I started to ….do this

This is for many of us who have had a nasty knock on our life.

Go forward slowly and trust yourself that change is inevitable.

My Art (therapy)

The journey of the past 15 years of grief and moving to a new city I needed to find a get-away or release.

I wouldn’t put my art into a show or sell it. It can tell a story of the stages I have been at because my art is just manifestations. Which means?

I take a large art sketch pad (it has to be big because small art sized paper is too restricting for me), then I just make a crazy line or shape and look at it and whatever strikes my mood I start adding to it and changing it. I don’t erase.

Sometimes I copy off a picture; then I go over it with paint and make something else. That’s okay!

This pile of art must of been a phase where I wanted to just have fun and express myself!

A simple watercolour.
There are many ways that one can choose to receive therapy. Art is a HUGE healer. Just don’t be your own worst critic. Love the process!

dig deep those feet

Almost a rhyme!

A foot massage like no other today in the beautiful sands at Good Spirit Lake.

Walking in deep sand and wet sand in cool water is the best treatment for wounded feet. My foot has a Morton’s Neuroma and that is a pinched nerve in the ball of my foot.

Any therapist will state the fact that sand and bare feet is very healing. Mentally it relieves the feeling of structure and restrictions wearing shoes and makes you feel in control with your feet moving and digging into the sand.

Freedom it says to me. Release!

The foot has to grab with the toes and push and release with the ball and arch and heel, as it digs deep from the pressure of body weight.

Infant feet are wonderful to learn from. When you touch a baby’s feet the toes will curl and grab your finger and the response from pushing gently on their foot pads is instant and soft and flexible.

I am learning about feet with this affliction of a neuroma.

This is a lovely beach 30 minutes away from home. I took some photos below. Summer vacationers are gone so it was quiet and pretty.

This photo is taken on the road out of this lake. Saskatchewan has hay bales and pasture this time of year.

Harvest is under way.