Are you grounded and present?

I just returned from 5 days of travel from a visit with family and driving to the lakes, (love it) and attending the Canada Summer Games in Saskatchewan. I realized I was still not present this morning. I had boiled a pot dry because I turned on the stove and was going to put water […]

long weekend quietness

We have a very small family. I always find these holiday weekends to be a long stretch with quiet times. We did go kill time in a lovely way this long weekend by hitting the lake close by. We sat in our lawn chairs and read and then I swam in the lake. I took […]

the intensity of a photo

Photos that are bold without being offensive are tricky because it depends on the viewers reactions. A country cemetery. (It is intense for me) This green leaf plant is intense. It is not even very attractive and dark green leaves are reaching for something. A common photo of the orange daylily which is very bold […]