Foot Report on my Nerve Neuroma

I am calling my Morton’s Neuroma a nerve neuroma because that is what it actually is. It is not affecting a muscle in your foot it is that the NERVE IS THICKENED and tight. The muscles need to be strong in my foot to conquer the nerve stress. I traveled to a writing workshop this […]

How is Morton and his Neuroma these days?

I am talking about Morton’s Neuroma in the foot. It is a new learning every week. My foot has been massaged and needles put in it and an upper cervical chiropractor treatment to align my spine, all in the last 2 weeks. What worked? all of them. A significant change in my foot after my […]

When devastation knocks on your door

Well, it is messy It is scary You are out on a deserted island I (you) are the only one this has happened to I have to share and tell people what happened I can’t let anyone know my life is crumbling Who can help me? It is such a messy journey getting the right […]

My Art (therapy)

The journey of the past 15 years of grief and moving to a new city I needed to find a get-away or release. I wouldn’t put my art into a show or sell it. It can tell a story of the stages I have been at because my art is just manifestations. Which means? I […]

dig deep those feet

Almost a rhyme! A foot massage like no other today in the beautiful sands at Good Spirit Lake. Walking in deep sand and wet sand in cool water is the best treatment for wounded feet. My foot has a Morton’s Neuroma and that is a pinched nerve in the ball of my foot. Any therapist […]

what works for my health

hydrate (6-9 glasses of water a day) massage my feet every night and do yoga for foot health daily dance to my music not just listen calm breath (blowing out candles); then big sigh exhale like going down a slide; this gets rid of the noise in my brain/intellect/ego, whatever you want to call it. […]

is type 2 diabetes an autoimmune disease?

For decades, doctors and researchers believed that type 2 diabetes was a metabolic disorder. This type of disorder occurs when your body’s natural chemical processes don’t work properly. Recent research suggests that type 2 diabetes may actually be an autoimmune disease. This from Although there’s no cure for type 2 diabetes, studies show it’s […]