When devastation knocks on your door

Well, it is messy It is scary You are out on a deserted island I (you) are the only one this has happened to I have to share and tell people what happened I can’t let anyone know my life is crumbling Who can help me? It is such a messy journey getting the right […]

My Art (therapy)

The journey of the past 15 years of grief and moving to a new city I needed to find a get-away or release. I wouldn’t put my art into a show or sell it. It can tell a story of the stages I have been at because my art is just manifestations. Which means? I […]

dig deep those feet

Almost a rhyme! A foot massage like no other today in the beautiful sands at Good Spirit Lake. Walking in deep sand and wet sand in cool water is the best treatment for wounded feet. My foot has a Morton’s Neuroma and that is a pinched nerve in the ball of my foot. Any therapist […]

almost everyone showed up

My folks turned 90 and are still doing pretty ‘dang’ good. Missing from our family are 2 nieces and my sister-in-law. This was a quick get together and fast food saved the day. Houston Pizza provided the food of lasagne, ham and pineapple pizza and pepperoni pizza, ribs, ceaser salad and garlic toast (my favourite) […]

travelling August

Points-of-interest photos that caught my attention this month. I am learning how to not scare a herd of cattle. I walk by cows that are settled eating pasture grass and laying down, frequently. I could literally make them run! Now, I just stop and look at them and let them check me out and they […]

this blog is really a healing centre

I started blogging many years ago. I lost my first born child; Graham, (photo below). He was hearing impaired. He wore in-the-ear hearing aids with the volume unit wrapped behind his ear and attached to the ear mold in his ear. He was not deaf. He just couldn’t hear the low sounds. He lived in […]

Windy photo op at Crooked Lake

It was windy today so it really created a different atmosphere on this beach. I have been trying to look up the names of the orange and red flowered plants above to no avail. If you know what they are please comment. updated: Aug23, 2019 – the plants have now been named!