Books that made me laugh – March book madness

Laughter, is the best medicine!

“A Walk in the Woods” is the true story of travel writer Bill Bryson, who decided he wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail – all 2,200 miles of it. However, he doesn’t quite get in all 2200 miles….

A movie is out starring Robert Redford as Bill Bryson. I have not seen it. I don’t need to as the book was so entertaining, I didn’t want a movie to spoil it.

In this humorous memoir, Tina Fey writes about a plethora of topics and stories, all the way from her childhood in Pennsylvania, to her starting her comedy career in Chicago, to her success all over the world.

Not often do I sit and laugh through a whole book but this one I did.

March is a good month to catch some funny reads.

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