foot pain can be healed – I have seen the light!

I know about feet and pain.

I used to get cramps in my toes and ankles at night

I have had tissue between my toes separate my 2nd and third toe and had that tissue removed.

I also had a rheumatoid nodule on the bottom of the right foot removed.

I had pain in between 2 toes that sent me to the doctor’s office and I was shocked at the diagnosis of the ultrasound. It was a neuroma which is some tissue and a nerve getting caught. It feels like you have a marble on the bottom of your foot.

Here is what my solution to these issues are:

Use toe gel separators daily for a while whenever you can. It stretches and strengthens the toes, Stronger toes strong feet and corrects any toe issues such as hammer toes, even plantar fasciitis, neuromas, metatarsal issues, etc. I am dedicated to this as I no longer have a Morton’s Neuroma and I do not ever want another one!!!

You should be serious about wearing wide toe box shoes.

I have seen the light and am keeping my feet and especially my toes strong.

Vivobarefoot shoes (wide toe box)

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