An old horse’s health

This horse is at least 27 years old (he may be even 28 or 29) We bought him in 2002 when he was 6 years old. He did not have registered papers.

This winter we are noticing his health is deteriorating as he is getting thin; always was a slow eater. My husband is feeding him away from the other 4 horses because a slow eater means the others will finish off his food before he is done.

Ben has always been the favourite horse. He is a mix of thoroughbred and quarter horse and looks far younger than his age.

He is so cozying up to me here because he knows it’s time for a snack of oats. We will keep looking after him.

My horse Grace is turning 16 years old this spring and very healthy.

Our horses are a nice touch to my search for a bit of magic in January.

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