my life with a Sunday school bible

My life with my Sunday school bible

I remember Sunday school when I was a kid. The church gave each of us kids a hard black cover book and in it were some rich shiny colourful photos. I still have that bible. It has my name Donna tacked onto it with a letter gun and is now duct taped to keep it together.

I ignored the bible when I grew up but always liked to have it around in a secret drawer somewhere where I could feel the pages and the shiny colour pictures in it.

Now, I have had trauma, grief added to my adult life when I was 48 years old.

After my son Graham passed away at 18 years old, 19 years ago, I pulled out my bible and I read the old testament everyday until I was done. I wanted it to tell me if it was okay that he died, that it wasn’t my fault. What I received from reading the Old Testament each day was that those stories and teachings were horrific and there was always terror and grief.

After I was done with reading the Old Testament, I put the bible in a safe place.

I felt uncomfortable and vulnerable as I practiced praying to God.

I have a new modern bible now and on each page of scriptures it explains on the bottom what the teaching means from the scripture in today’s life.

I treat the bible like a story book that is allowing me to contemplate what I think of each phase of scriptures, sometimes I shake my head and don’t understand but I keep checking into the scripture for the next day.

I am so grateful I went to Sunday school and had this bible with me in my secret drawers all my life as I knew it had power.

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