little magic on January 7 – Yucca heal

For today’s little magic this Yucca tree actually died or almost died. I read that you can strip it bare of its leaves and just let it regrow. The only thing is it get s a new green tree leaf and then it starts to get brown.

I researched more thoroughly and I found that we cannot put it in our front window on the floor where the radiator is. We have boiler heat so we have rads.

Today it is looking happy because we moved it away and placed it beside the love seat recliner, away from the radiator.

That is magic. I know it will heal now.

I started a project for the month of January and this is day 4. I do a podcast OR write about each day I find a little magic in January. January is a month that I lost my first born son 19 years ago. It is still a tough month but as the years go by I get HEALTHIER by being aware of this time of year.

Yesterday I did a podcast about my love of the softness of my red blanket. During trauma/ hard times or grief or any difficulty that one fights through I am finding magic each day this month.

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