Dear 2023 …my word for you is ‘connect’

I use to have a word for every new year and I now am beginning with that again for this year and the word is CONNECT.

I have this urge to connect with the human race better than I ever used to.

Connection is so funky now with the pandemic restrictions dropped and we can deal with the illnesses and viruses with the Covid-19 vaccinations OR not. Up to each individual.

I HAVE BEEN AWARE over the years of science and the universe attempting to work together. Also physicians and holistic medicine sometimes clashes but is getting better at being a health team.

According to 2023 the year number is number 7 (seven) and it is more about using our intellect, feeling our divinity, if you will. In chakra terms it is the crown chakra which is on the top of the head.

Have a divine and intellectual 2023. Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!

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