expo to learn from the horse

Saskatoon Horse Expo 2022

It was so nice to get back to this annual expo. The last 2 years were cancelled. We are very interested in working with a horse. We own 5 years and we began our riding the horse journey back in 2001.

It is nice to own a pet. Horses are bigger, stronger and if you want to have a relationship or partnership with a horse , it is advantageous to learn and practice horse skills. Knowing the horse you are riding and where it is at each time to get on is smart and safe. We go to this event to be learn more than we already know about horses.

Here is a poem I found that explains the horse riding experience to me:

A Letter From Your Horse

When you are tense let me teach you to relax.

When you are short-tempered let me teach you to be patient.

When you are angry let me to teach you to be serene.

When you feel superior let me teach you to be respectful.

When you are self-absorbed let me teach you to think of greater things.

When you are arrogant let me teach you humility.

When you are lonely let me be your companion.

When you are tired let me carry the load.

When you need to learn let me teach you.

(Unknown author)


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