don’t take yourself so seriously…seriously?

There is a motto I learned many years ago at a seminar in Calgary, Alberta called CHOICES. This one reminder that was taught to me was “Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously AND Have Fun!

How many times do I need that reminder? Thinking I go through my days laughing once in a while and enjoying life with gratitude. The other day I realized I was feeling super low like depressed and feeling sorry for myself. I went outside and did a 30 minute walk around our acreage. I did not feel better until I talked to my husband when I got finished my walk about how I was feeling. As we were talking I realized that I must limit myself to 1 hour a day on FB and Instagram and even less if I can.

Is it as simple as that? I was absorbing all the posts and quotes that are supposed to be inspirational as I was not feeling good. It was all too much. It is like notes on a keyboard and you keep going to a higher and higher note but then you have to come back down to the middle, to the reality as no one can sustain those high notes for too long.

I like my blog and I enjoy writing. I still get on Microsoft Word and continue with my novel . it is almost completed.

Social media is Facebook, instagram and twitter for me.

So this statement or motto or quote whichever you want to name it – Do not take yourself so seriously?…and Have Fun – works for me and lands me back on a healthy foot every time.

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