a tendency we are born with

I will start with my tendency and that is:

  1. Obliger – tha’s me
  2. upholder – my husband
  3. Questioner
  4. Rebel

We are born with a natural tendency. I am reliable, committed and have no problem meeting outer expectations. I do have struggles with meeting my inner expectations I will oblige what others want to do first. This Obliger tendency is the most common group of people.

My husband is an upholder. He gets things done and follows the rules which means he is very efficient. He has no issues with meeting his outer expectations from others and no issues with meeting his inner goals. He makes sure he does what he wants to do and enjoys. This is a rare group of people that have this tendency.

Here is a funny, but quite frankly true, response to the question below of each of the tendencies.

How Do You Change A Light Bulb? ………..

Upholders – it’s already done

Obligers – Just ask

Questioners – Why do we need this light?

Rebels – Do it yourself.

I wasn’t sure if I was an Upholder but as I read more examples of that kind of tendency I know now I am an Obliger.

I love self knowledge about myself and figuring out family and friends tendencies.

What is yours?

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