keep my pixie hair cut please

I have been growing my hair longer these last few months and I am now going back to short. I tried to grow my bangs long to one side but it was more work to keep my hair looking nice throughout the day.

I know low maintenance and short pixies are my feel good hair styles.

This is February 2022

I am showing my hair stylist this cut on Monday. Cannot wait!

This is April 2022

This is Nov 2021
My hair is this length now and you are probably chuckling to yourself that it is very short hair and not long. But that side bang is driving me nuts!. (sigh) it is the little things.

2 responses to “keep my pixie hair cut please”

  1. Love it! I have worn a pixie since I was 4! Every time I stray, I always come back. PIXIE SISTERS UNITE!

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    1. Thanks for sharing pixie sister!

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