the purpose of horses manes

If you don’t have long hair yourself you can always play with a horses’ mane. But, what is the purpose of their manes and a tail?

I researched some general information and this is what is said about the mane and tail of a horse:

  • Every horses’ mane and tail are unique and serve some very important functions. Manes can help keep your horse’s neck warm in cold weather and provide some fly protection. The tail is used for insect control, swatting away flies and other pests, and can convey emotion as well.
  • Both short, upright manes and long flowing manes protect the back of a horse’s neck, the precise spot (along with the throat) where a predator is likely to latch on. The thick hair makes it difficult for a predator to bite, giving the horse a chance to get away.

I never braid my horse’s mane or tail. If I was showing my horse in a competition I might. It is reassuring sometimes to be able to grab onto the mane when getting onto the horse bare back and even to give the mane a good brushing just like I would do to someone with long hair. I also learned that pulling on the mane does not hurt them, just like pulling on the tail.

The tail was used in a horse training I took a while ago and it can tell you how the horse is feeling before you get on. If you take the tail and lift it up and move it in a circle and it is tight, that means the horse is tense or if it is nice a freely moving it means that the horse is feeling good.

Now it is time to get on and ride a horse!

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