What happened to Morton’s neuroma?

Good question. I saw a torque release chiropractor in November and by December my neuroma was no longer there. I still get some stiffness where the tissue was caught in the nerve but I have no more pain in my foot.

A Morton’s Neuroma is something you can look up as there is alot of information on it. Surgery was the one thing I was booked for and now I will not be having that surgery. How great is that?

The neuroma was caught in-between my 3rd and 4th toe.

It is painful and feels like you have a marble on the bottom of the affected foot.

Interesting to note in celebrity world where Morton’s Neuroma affected these stars:

** Steven Tyler Aerosmith frontman was affected by a Morton’s Neuroma and had surgery for it.

 ** Near the end of the 2019 Major League Baseball seasonLos Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout missed several September games before being scheduled for surgery to remove a Morton’s neuroma in the ball of his right foot.

** In Season 1, Episode 18 of The Golden Girls, Dorothy requires an operation due to Morton’s neuroma.

Wearing shoes that are not wide enough in the toe area they say is the cause. I wore some skinny toe box high heeled sandals and shoes not fitting my wide feet over the years.

Feel wonderful about not having surgery.

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