it’s time to revive

Summer time is great. Spring is hopeful. Winter is a force to reckon with.

Fall. Autumn . This is so exciting to be soon entering into that season. I know that spring is a time of renewal but I enjoy the clean up chores around the yard and thinking about pulling on a cozy sweater or two. The lack of mosquitoes and annoying bugs is huge and it means horse riding season is prime for us.

First I will share my perennial bedding area clean up I did this morning.

Phlox is ready to bloom for the fall. Lovely white flowers.

Once I cleaned up the weedy junk from July and August in my perennial beds I also felt revived.

I am ready for a revival of vitality and wisdom.

We are slowly starting to eat our corn, carrots and a few tomatoes from our garden. Now that is a revival!


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