Summer horse riding with mosquitoes

I would like to say I did alot of horse riding this summer, but not so, only because of the vast amount of mosquitoes we had in June and July. August has got us out riding a bit more.

Time is spent putting bug repellent on the horses firstly, and they will tolerate the smell but they get a little spooky. when we spray them. Sometimes we just rub it onto the horse. Once that is done we brush them and tack them up. The horse rides have been shorter than we like but at the most we get a little time spent with them.

Now that August is here we have been able to go for a few rides but once the mosquitoes and other bugs start hitting us in the face we head back to the barn.

It is worth it to get these rides in you just have to work faster to get them sprayed and saddled up. Not my best skill.

When I ride in weather like this I keep the horse trotting to keep the wind in his face and mine because once I start with just a walk the bugs find us again.

This is just a summer irritation.

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