Pillow hunt

The pillow search is on. The price of one of these pillows is 40$ -100$ CAD. I better choose well and really love my purchase.

I am looking for spring, summer, winter and autumn pillows to change up the decor at each new season for the living room furniture.

It’s looking pricey so I will just pick, eventually,  summer and winter pillows.

This is a rustic country look that I used to go for. I have changed and now like the bolder and bright colours.

I took these photos at McMunn and Yates in my locale and I really did not find a pillow colour or pattern I LOVE (remember the price).

This pillow pattern is nice even though it has circles. The circles are broken and so it makes it more bold. It looks good for a summer decor pillow.

My first looking about was enjoyable but I have not found what I really like yet.

Do you use pillows to add punch to your home decor?

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