back yard bottom step

Here is my potted plant where I placed it on the bottom of our back yard deck step that is in need of staining, reminding me of things I cannot deal with this summer. It is what it is for now.

I am focusing on my summer specialty (not food) and dipping in for a lake swim once or twice a week.

I also find great satisfaction in edging the flower beds with pruning shears and pulling out the nasty thistle, quack grass and other unwanted growth. I clean up the flower beds and I clear my head.

My mom was the best weed puller. She must of found a satisfaction in it physically and took pride in a nice looking yard. I am not joking . She could really weed and she was fast. Years ago her and I spent 2 days pulling all the portulaca out of our front and back yard before we put in new grass seed. It was insane.

So, I say if things are in the back of my mind and bottom of the list then eventually I will have to tend to them or I could just pull weeds.

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