feel like a scientist by making soap

It was time to make some bars of soap for our bathrooms in our house. It is a process with scientific formula understanding. Years ago a friend of a friend taught me how to make soap. I wrote down her basic recipe.

The secret is to know how to use the Lye Crystals and the oils and mix them together. I usually spend a couple of hours setting up and re-reading the instructions again even though I have made several batches.

I now use these silicone muffin trays and cups as it works nicely and the soap is a nice round shape.

Making soap bars is extremely interesting and you need to understand the process of saponification.

Saponification is a process that involves the conversion of fat, oil, or lipid, into soap and alcohol by the action of aqueous alkali (e.g. NaOH)

A bit of science for you today.

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