wicked good writing

I start week 7 of my 8-week bootcamp with Suzy Vadori.
How is it going? I have dealt with a 2 week tension headache from writing and doing the exercises. That is now gone. I have had overwhelming slumps and negative bursts of thinking my work is a piece of crap. That passes and I keep using the resources this bootcamp provides.

The book coach has critiqued my inside outline of my novel and also she has edited the worst written page for me. All writers had to send a badly written info dump page for her to edit. That was eye opening and a huge jump in my writing from that.

To have a good book for people to enjoy reading I need to make sure I get feedback. If I am the only one writing and reading then I will think its fantastic. Not so.

I will give that self-publish thing ago later when I have some beta readers to read it first and get honest reviews.

I am still revising the draft for the 3rd time but not the final. Suzy Vadori wants us to get our wicked good fiction book out this year, that is her goal.

One must have a goal but lots of revising for me to do before that will happen.

I must say though, I am enjoying this bootcamp.

I am suggesting a book to read if you enjoy stories with war time in a woman’s life. So wonderfully written.

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