Putting your foot in

I have talked about my Vivobarefoot shoes and how great they are for my feet just because I have always loved to walk around barefoot in the house and outside. I am in my sixties now and need some protection.

This is my 3rd pair of sneakers from this company called Vivobarefoot and I must warn you that you must get used to them especially on how to slip your barefoot inside the shoe. They snug comfortably around the ankles, so a SHOEHORN is a must.

Actually, these are hiking boots. They are a bit different as far as how they snugly fit around your ankle.

It is like a suction cup you need to open up the shoe to slip your foot in.

Vivobarefoot (http://vivobarefoot.com) does give you 90 days to try them out. The methodology around this is they are made from recycled products and going barefoot strengthens our body and alignment and these shoes are the answer for that. Feet are important and must have room and flexibility in the shoe.

I think they are fabulous.!

I am wearing socks in them as where I live it is too cold for barefoot in these shoes right now. These hikers are a few $$$$ dollars but they last for years.

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