authentic positivity

First off I signed up for Blinkist. It’s an app that has a library of books to select from. It will review the key messages of the book for quick reference or you can read the whole book by downloading it.

If you are more curious try Blinkist for free. Just google it or click here.

Blinkist gives you a 13 minute review and highlights all the key points in that book. I can listen to the audio of the key messages or read the review. It is actually brilliant.

I clicked on toxic positivity and I listened to what the book is about

What do I think about positivity? Gratitude gets mixed in with positivity. I just prefer to tell people that I can’t be positive at this moment because I have to work through my feelings.

Feel the feeling from beginning to end. I can be more authentically positive after working through it.

I am sure you have thoughts on this topic.

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