This person turned my life around

I listened to a video that was titled “this one person saved our lives”

I am turning that around to one person that was immensely significant for me to grow through what I went through.

Okay the one thing that turned my life around was…..(It’s actually one person.)……..

Carol Tuttle (on instagram) and her facial energy profiling system. I understand my energy type and how I fit into the behaviours of my day and how I interact with others. It also explained how and why I grieved the way I did, over the loss of a loved one many years ago.

It is also so much fun and very interesting. On the surface it appears it’s all about hair, style, make up, etc. but that is the fun part of the course.

I learned about Carol in 2014 and I have attended women’s retreats in Utah and read her books . Just being a part of her lifestyle program was what swept me into the real me.

This is the thing. There are many other things or people or events that connected me to turning my life around. If I choose the one thing well this woman is it!

…. am going to explain that this photo below is me on the floor laying on a pillow. I was playing around with my phone and I thought it was cute because the white tailed deer on the pillow is taking over the photo. love it!

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