Recipe share and food blogger extraordinaire?

I am not a food blogger. I could be . It seems I am always looking for a healthy and soulful supper to make every night and my old stand-bys, well, I am bored with or they just aren’t as healthy anymore.

This is from website. It was such an easy way to throw the potatoes and breakfast sausage links together with a green pepper, onion, a bit of white wine and chicken stock. Seasoned with seasoning salt and S & P.

My air fryer came in handy as I was not going to fry and brown the potatoes and sausages on my stove top. Air fry the meat and spuds first and saute’ the onion, green pepper and then mix all together in casserole dish and add some chicken broth and some white wine. Add seasonings. Bake 375 for 25 minutes.

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