I am returning to books (holding it in my hand book)

My kobo e-reader is done -in and I then started to read on my iPhone on the kobo e-reader mobile app.

I then realized that a nice getaway has always been going to the library. I have not gone for at least a year or more. I am not required to wear a mask at our local library , so browsing was a delight.

I am currently reading Jennifer Weiner’s latest book called That Summer. I have read a couple of other books of hers in the past and found them a better than beach reading kind of book.

That Summer is about 2 women named Diana and Daisy. These 2 characters are so relatable for young teens and up to 99 years of age. Well developed character arcs.

I picked up a magazine at the library as well.

I like The Writer magazine as it gives short articles to read and also tips on making writing easier and ideas to start a story or website ideas.

The libraries are needing to fight for their funding again in 2022 as their 5 year run on keeping libraries open is ending in Saskatchewan. Find a petition to sign in your area.

Libraries have been my safe place to go to all my life. As a parent it was almost better than sending my boys to school.

I am liking my fingers to flip pages again and bookmark where I stopped reading for next time.

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