hiking like your barefoot (almost)

It’s time to get my feet in shape for summer and fall and hopefully spring. My new Vivobarefoot hikers are like a treatment of just slipping my barefoot in the shoes (I do) and the walking is more work for the foot in a good way.

I am a walker and love the hiking trails around here and the provincial parks.

2 responses to “hiking like your barefoot (almost)”

  1. Laurie Butler Avatar
    Laurie Butler

    Would love to try these shoes. I need a lot of cushion under my toes. Not to many shoes I can wear anymore. It feels like I’m walking on stones. I wish they weren’t so costly as they can’t be returned

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    1. Hi Laurie! these shoes are great for having a wide toe box to keep your toes spread out evenly while walking. I know they are pricey. I have tried looking elsewhere for anything similar but not of this quality. A wide toe box shoe helps my feet. Apex brand shoes are good if you google that. Take care Laurie!


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