caring for my plants

I just found out that my snake plant is also called mother-in-law tongue. Well that is funny. My mother-in-law is no longer with us and I would love to hear what she would think of that name.

I was told this plant I have in my house is a snake plant. Right now it needs some care. I have watered it today. Every 10 days it may need water. Over watering is a problem to. I have not been watering it much. So what to do?

May need to replant with different soil and keep it away from direct light. The snake plant (mother-in-law tongue) is very good for purifying the air in a home.There are many indoor house plants that help with the air inside.

so I found this:

Snake Plant/Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

New Snake Plant

This is one of the hardest houseplants to kill. Although it does need to be watered occasionally, it generally prefers drier conditions. The snake plant tolerates most light levels, making it an easy choice for just about any room.

that is a long tongue or snake-looking leaf

Our Yucca tree has been repotted with Perlite for soil drainage. This plant is very happy now.

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