A Deer’s Life

These are photos of the deer that are using our acreage for refuge this February. At first we were upset because we have lots of hay around for them to nibble on. We have been attempting to get them to leave.

Now we understand that this is an exceptionally long cold winter with lots of snow. The bushes of trees that they would normally reside in are full of so much snow.

Deer are nibblers and browsers naturally. They don’t eat alot of hay but they pee on the hay and scratch around and the horses will not eat the hay after the deer have been in it.

Now this month the coyotes are hungry; the deer are hungry and the circle of life seems cruel.

We allow them to sleep against our house and in the riding arena. Safety is another thing with coyotes howling at night. We have moved our hay into the barn for the horses and scattered straw and bits of hay out for them.

this is what you call a screen shot (photo taken through screened window)

Some with live and some will die. It’s the way it is.

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