my dad’s celebration

We celebrated my Dad’s life today.

He passed away February 5 at the grand age of 92.

He was a musician all his life.

He was known for his Saxophone playing talent. He could pick up songs by ear and also played the Clarinet.

He had a band in high school and continued to play in a band all through his married and retirement

He was an excellent golfer.

He could watch you tee up your ball and watch your stance and practice swing then tell you where

your ball will end up on the fairway or sadly in the trees.

A sharp golfer’s eye.

Dad is in the white jacket and pants

My Dad passed on a couple of things to me.

A sarcastic humour.

I still play the piano.

Resting now or maybe teeing up for a golf game with Mom?

2 responses to “my dad’s celebration”

  1. Alison Trembley Boucher Avatar
    Alison Trembley Boucher

    He was a lovely man, and I know he will be greatly missed. Love you Uncle Bruce.

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  2. So very sorry to hear about your Dad Donna. Hugs to you and yours…

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