mental health is wealth

January is now the month showcasing mental health; which includes so many things , like depression, withholding anger, expressing anger for to long, not talking, being to self-controlled, lacking some routine or discipline, the attitude of “who cares anyway”, grief, no longer loving the things you used to, no love and support feelings. I have this or had all that over the years.

I do have a routine at home now.

I am outside 20 minutes a day. Even in extreme cold temperatures I will walk for 20 minutes around the house.

I must be outside for 20 minutes a day or more. Nature is the depression cure. It heals.

I lost one of my sons’ to suicide 18 years ago. I can hardly speak to that anymore. I have learned to release most of my guilt.

When my son ended it he ended my self worth and I had to build myself back up. For him he completed his life. Now I must find a way to happiness. It is hard work.

Mental Health is so many many feelings and pretending you are okay.

I wish for all who are practicing improving self-worth that you can get your voice back.

My wealth is my mental health!

Stars can’t shine without darkness!

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