2021 gifts

This year of 2021, or the past year, if reading this in 2022, was a very teachable year for me.

I established my mental health and awareness to how I want to proceed.

The rules have changed. My mind is finally caught up with this year. I started to piece together all the events and relational stories I was holding.

I understand now, why I am drawn to to this decorated old truck with all the broken dishes and tea pots attached to it. To me this is what happens to our mind or mental health, whatever you want to call the activity of our brain responses. This is what we do with all that stuff.

My mom passed on end of September and she practiced hard to maintain the pieces of her memory and she succeeded quite well I thought. She was diagnosed with level 2 dementia a few years ago. I could carry a conversation with her if I let her get it out with patience and love as to what she wanted to say. Even tho it was a quick thought out of the blue that came to her head. I got it. She had several pieces to pick up, they were just broken, but they were still in her brain. I admire her for that work she did so I could still connect with her.

I have such a good year ahead of me now. I constantly practice keeping my mind healthy and honour the negative things first then I move to the positives of my life.

Happy Mindful New Year! …….and thank you 2021 for the gifts of mental health you brought to me.

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