my biggest fear (a short story)

I wrote this fictional adventure. It did not actually happen to me. Just practicing my writing.

It was so very deep into the night. I lost my way big time. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and then re-opened them. That was much better. I could now see clearer and the few stars up above were more visible to me now. I need to stay calm. I took some breaths. Breathing in and out 4 times slowly. It was very quiet but then it started to get noisy. I could hear things from the forest. A few rustlings of something.

I walked over to the closest tree. It was not a huge tree trunk but the tree itself was so tall I could not see the top of it, maybe in the daylight I would be able to. I felt for my cell phone in my carry all bag. It lit up when I touched it and I saw there was no data coverage. The -no service- words were on.

I had on a light weight hoodie and pair of blue jeans. Thank goodness I had shoes and socks on. A pair of tall boots would be better. A plan needed to be formulated for the next few hours. I had walked away from my parent’s cabin a couple of hours ago. I obviously took the wrong fork in the road. I needed to walk back and follow the path back to that small fork on the trail but I was too scared of the dark.

I was just getting comfortable leaning against the tree, adjusting my legs and using my hood to cover my head when I felt something touch my shoulder. I looked over my shoulder quickly but saw nothing. I felt numb with fear. More deep breaths in and out. Okay, that was better. A few minutes later it happened again, that touch I felt on my shoulder. This time I turned my head slowly to the right and then to the left. I got up and walked around the tree I was sitting under.

A huge hole had been dug close to me. It looked fresh. Then I saw the huge claw come out of that hole and I SCREAMED! It was a fresh Badger hole! What I felt on the shoulder was the badger throwing dirt my way as he was digging.

I picked up my carry all bag and I headed back as brave as I will ever be on that path; using my cell phone light to see my trail clearly. I walked so fast it was almost a run but I did not want to trip on any stumps.

It was a long trek back. My feet were constantly making a loud crunching noise. I was also getting very cold.

I kept the light of my phone just out in front of me and eventually I saw 2 paths joining up ahead. I must have walked at least 45 minutes to this spot. Now I was not lost and I gained some confidence taking another 45 minutes to return to the cabin.

short story by Donna kirk

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