historic polish

I bring out this candelabra and place candles in it during Christmas and New Years. This year I am doing it right.

I am taking the time to shine up this historic candelabra that was my mother-in-laws. She was a war bride who came over to Canada to farm with my husbands father. She was from Leicester, England and my father-in-law was from Marchwell, Saskatchewan.

I was quite excited to inherit this beautiful piece. However it needs a bit of effort to shine it up each year.

I have the polishing cloths and the proper candles to insert in to the candelabra holders this season.

inherited candelabra from England
Silvo polish from Canadian Tire and my sterling silver polish cloths I use for jewellery.

A poem I just created that speaks to the shine and light that the December season brings on for me


the December season,

the Holiday season,

the polish of cooking skills

show off my baking frustrations,

it is a season to be bright,

this year I polish and shine,

with care and bring in new light

the old candelabra,

the new candles and historic

memories of

before I was born

I keep something old,

something new,

something for you,

looking much better

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