Torque Release Chiro help

I was diagnosed with a Morton’s Neuroma after an ultrasound was done in the fall of 2019. My doctor highly recommended surgery to get the neuroma excised. March 2020 I saw my surgeon. By then, I was doing yoga for my feet daily and massaging my foot with a lacrosse ball on the floor. These mobility exercises kept the foot feeling good at the time.

In December 2020 though, I phoned the surgeon and told him I had decided to have the surgery. My foot was reacting to the exercises and was stiff and even with orthotics my foot was complaining after a mile of walking.

It will be another year or more before I get a surgery date. Sometimes it is so stiff and tight and I can’t walk on it. So I have found that even continuing with the foot mobility exercises, it gets aggravated if I do them too much. My walking time is very short. After only a mile of walking my foot hurts.

The moral of this story is that I think (I believe) I have permanent help. I started with a new therapist, actually an upper cervical/torque release chiropractor . She specializes in chiropractic torque release which compliments Upper Cervical Chiropractic treatment.

This chiropractor mentioned that she has helped several people with their neuromas’ in their feet.

After two Chiro/torque release sessions with this Doctor my feet are very agreeable with walking and I don’t have stiffness/pain and I can feel the nerves moving around a bit and then it goes away after a treatment. I am able to walk for longer periods of time now.

Yesterday I walked the Eco Hiking Trail and I walked for 30 minutes. I haven’t been able to do that for a long while.

I will keep at these treatments. Just thought I would mention this update in case anyone wants to check out the ‘torque release’ treatment.

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