how do words make me feel?

Friends make me feel good. A massage makes me feel good. Are there words that make me feel good?

I feel good when I say to myself that I am worthwhile. I am connected. I am supported. I am gracious. I accept myself.

There is a quote or phrase that does not make me feel better even though it has been shared quite a bit over the years.

I am enough.

I have tried to love and feel good about those 3 words when I say them, but it falls flat. I feel I am just saying that I am adequately full after my meal. Being enough, to me, does not resonate.. I am more than enough. I like that better.

I learned this order of words from Carol Tuttle at……….these words work for me!

I am here. I exist. I count. I am worthwhile. I have a future.

my Morden Centennial Rose bush

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