makeup shakeup

My make up products began with Clinique. I was a serious advocate; until I had to deal with sensitivity around the eyes. I then tried several other make up companies; like CNC Concept Now Cosmetics ( my mom was a make up consultant ) -Young Living Essential Oils – Melaleuca company – Pure Anada – Marcelle – Boom by Cindy Joseph ( Boomstick trio) – Thrive Cosmetics – Dressing Your Truth. These are the products I can remember, there is likely more I tried.

How much money have I invested in cosmetics and skin care? Likely, less than I would think compared to the statistics.

I do invest in the blushes, eyeshadow palettes and the lip glosses at Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your truth online store.
They are the perfect colour palette for my energy type as my eyes and cheeks and lip are the correct shades for me and I feel my true self when I wear make up.

Do you still wear make up?

What is your shake up with make up?

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