The Learner of Writing

I attended a local writers group for the first time a few days ago. I listened to some written stories.

I have a novel of 30,000 words completed. The difficult part was how to end it. I am keeping it just the way it is though; as a reference only and practice novel. I will be pulling 2 characters from this novel and moving them onto a new story.

I sent in my novel for my local writer-in-residence to receive feedback. She read the first 5,000 words. She spent one hour with me and we went over the first 15 pages. What a great opportunity this was for me

This is the feedback I received……………

Strong Points – intriguing characters, anticipation is built into the narratives, some really specific descriptions and imagery, thought-provoking research/details (honey, empath, ranching life)

Questions to ask  yourself: What is the main storyline? Have I told it? What is necessary? How can I streamline my writing, on a sentence level as well as the arc of the story?   Am I writing in present tense or past tense?

I am a bit more learned about writing a story now. The information about story writing, character development and all that mess with editing and grammar is what I am enjoying doing.

Keep calm and write on!

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