editing for the sake of perfecting

I have told stories and shared stories in person, many times.

I have spent the last year writing a short novella (25,000 words). It was fun to create characters and fit them into the storyline. The extremely difficult long process of editing the final draft is very hard. The written word is there and it has to sound correct and make sense. I am having lots of frustrating moments.

The main goal is to finish the story. I did that. Now I keep reading and editing it until I am waiting for it to be perfect. It will never be perfect.

2 responses to “editing for the sake of perfecting”

  1. Oh yeah. Like Brandon Sanderson said, after a certain point, your writing just becomes different-er, not better. Wishing you all the best with your editing regardless!

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    1. thanks! i like that you said – “it just becomes differenter-er not better.” that is what is happening. Have a fabulous week!


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