judging comments

This is my second day of the practice of tapping for releasing headache onsets. I have tapped to release my neck tension which is causing headaches, yesterday.

I have tapped to release my left/ankle/neuroma foot cramps at night.

It is a simple process.

I keep tapping on 7 areas on my head and face and chest over and over again, stating (out loud) each time as I tap an area I say “this neck pain” or “this headache” and keep doing this.

When something comes up like an event, or some comments that come up that I took as hurtful and judging, or seeing something I didn’t understand, or anger from other people that I held for them. Those are just examples that came up for me.. I just have to stop and be aware of what is coming up even if it seems ridiculous and tap on that.

I now have released my headache and heavy tight muscles under my shoulders. It has been a big shift for me.

I am half way through this tapping solution book.

When I look at this fence post it pretty much explains how tight my muscles get and then place my head on top of that fence post. What a visual!

So what came up for me today when I did my tapping ?

It finally went back to growing up and living up to my parents perfectionism. Dad was very good at stating if he didn’t like something about how I dressed. Appearances were extremely important to my Mom and Dad. As the years go on then any comments about a stain on my shirt, or if people laughed at me because my shirt was on backwards or they didn’t like my hair. I take it all internally as I need to look right. right? Normally one should laugh it off. Not me.

Don’t get me wrong my parents were good role models and loved us. They did their best for what they knew just as we all do.

I also have been holding a lot of negativity about our move to Yorkton and three people that initially were in our lives for the 1st year of two as we were getting connected with our new community. They are no longer a part of our community now. But I have been holding those connections that were wrong for me.

I won’t say more but it is very easy to do and you can feel foolish if you want. No one is watching?

I am still feeling the relaxation in my body and now understanding what I have been holding.

There is probably more to come for me.

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