August is still summer

I used to always feel summer was over come the middle of August. It is not over. Summer on the calendar ends mid September so feel good about that. I am going to just keep on, keeping on!

  1. Plan a picnic at the lake.
  2. Go to the lake and cherish the August sun and lake water. That does not change
  3. Barbecuing gets redundant so I try new recipes on the grill in August. Grilled corn on the cob is my latest recipe.
  4. We have a garden and August is always an overdose of vegetables. Corn and potatoes and carrots!!!! (cannot have too much)
  5. Keep the practice of my new found love of watercolour painting. It is so relaxing and takes my mind away….
  6. Ride our horses out into the field. beside our property. The farmer is done and has hauled his crop away. Lots more riding area to enjoy now.

I really had to work through my purpose once again in August because with the COVID Delta Variant possibly coming; and what that meant to Canada; well, I regrouped the negativity of all that that brings on and I will keep going forward and enjoy myself and keep myself focused on the good things about this planet and the people and events that are happening.

I am Okay. We are all Okay. No matter what happens I will be Okay. It is the truth.

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