my life timeline

The rewards now, since I have mostly passed through the raw edges of grief, are not written in-between the time lines I list below and I have left that out. The hearing impairment of our boys and looking after 4 hearing aids and speech therapy for each of them was a skill I spent too much time on (I thought). What I mean by that is, hearing impairment took too much of my time and focus and the energy left for parenting was cut by a quarter of my time.

That is the negative me speaking. The positive me speaking says it was meant to be and so my life is now being grateful, at peace and understanding for myself and others.

I followed a book that explained the value in writing down and doing a timeline of your life. The years, dates of timely events. How many places I moved to. How many homes I lived in that we owned. How many pregnancies that were successful, unsuccessful. It was hard to come up with a general time line. So for this post I chose the time line of shifting events.

Here is my timeline in general life events starting with my first home I was born and raised in. This timeline is about my environment and all surroundings needed to be relearned and a focus on new people and new rules.

  • Yorkton -1956 born and raised in this city.
  • Saskatoon – 1974 SIAST Recreation Technology course.
  • Regina – 1975 – parents new home.
  • Regina – apartment with girlfriend on Froom Crescent.
  • Regina – apartment with my sister on Rink Avenue.
  • Regina – Got married to Brian and moved to condo.
  • Wynyard – moved for Brian’s new FCC job and 1st home purchase and 1 miscarriage and then 2nd pregnancy where Graham was born.
  • Regina – FCC job transfer – 2nd home purchase – Graham hearing aids and 2nd pregnancy and Tommy was born
  • Prince Albert – FCC job transfer – 3rd home purchase – hearing impairment accepted with Graham and Tommy
  • Swift Current – 4th home and 1st country/acreage living and Graham’s death due to tragic circumstances
  • Yorkton – 5th home and 2nd country/acreage living

As you can see the huge ports in my life that are briefly mentioned are the WYNYARD and SWIFT CURRENT years.

I won’t delve into each timeline but it helps me realize that I managed to keep myself moving forward as did my husband.

I was amazed when I did this timeline.

I also did the birth timeline and that really told me so many things….

What’s your time line?

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