Routines – the simple acts

Hi! I am into a few routines and I understand what works for me. There are many professionals and you- tubers who talk about how important routines are:

My routine in the morning is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Mine is writing and putting an outfit on and have coffee!

OR maybe you are a night person? what is your night routine. I have a small “launchpad” routine I do this because I am not a hard working night person that bakes or spends time gardening after supper; so I appreciate , when I get up in the morning that I have, at the very least, done these 3 things:

  1. I make coffee the night before and then hit the start button in the morning.
  2. I also put out any pills/meds I have to take on a little stone plate for the morning.
  3. I had to practice this…pick out clothes I MIGHT wear for morning, I can always change my mind.

This is a typical morning for me and I like it. It grounds me!

  1. get dressed withs shoes on
  2. I don’t make my bed until later
  3. I take my writing paper and ink pen and write 3 pages of whatever comes to mind
  4. cleanse my face
  5. have my 3 cups of coffee – yup 3 cups!
  6. a walk in the morning is occasionally a morning routine but I wouldn’t put it in as a regular practice
  7. write some paragraphs or even a sentence in my novella, which is at almost 26,000 words now. This is enjoyable to me and a highly creative project (and challenging).

What is your regular normal morning or evening routine.? Or do you need to start a routine? What gets you out of bed and what are you excited to do for yourself?

This picture of me was taken when I was challenged to show up with no make up and red lipstick only in the dressing your truth lifestyle group in March.

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