Vinterbadning at Madge Lake

Vinterbadning is winter bathing in Denmark.

I challenged myself this past weekend while we were at the lake. It is June 2021 and the weather is only +8 – +13. The ice just came off the lake a month ago. I follow this Danish lady who does winter bathing throughout the year at Copenhagen, Denmark. I had this on my bucket list. I can’t be in Denmark, at the moment, however I can swim in a cold lake on a cold day. Saskatchewan has plenty of days like that.

I got up at 6:15 am for 2 mornings and put on warm pants, hoodie (sweatshirt with a hood) and summer jacket and ankle boots and my cap. We were staying in a cabin very close to the main beach. Madge Lake is a very big cold lake. This morning was windy, but sunny. I was cold walking to the water and even colder when I got my warm clothes off. I stripped down to my swim suit and walked into the water. The “Mind Over Matter” is the key to cold water swimming. I did not plan on swimming laps but just to get in up to my neck and move around and then come out. I lunged forward into the water and thought it was okay. I did a few breast stroke movements and then came out. I quickly put on my warm clothes as fast as possible and got the wet sand off my feet as best I could and put on my slip-on closed-toe shoes and walked back to the cabin.

I kept my cap on to keep my head warm

Cold water dips are healthy for your body’s circulation. If only I lived in Europe I could do this daily. Here is a video of a group of ladies that do this several times a week. I follow her you tube channel. Mind over matter, mind over matter.

I took a quick selfie just after I came out and got my warm clothes on. Yes, I am still wearing my wet bathing suit under my clothes. It is a quick hike back to the cabin for a hot shower!

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