My Achilles Heel

I talk about my Morton’s Neuroma in my left foot on this blog. I have several posts about it. That is not my main achilles heel. In other words I have a main weak spot and that is……my neck!

Yes and It always has the last laugh. If I have been under the weather, enjoying reading ,watching movies, a few short horse rides, and even my favourite sport of all time, swimming laps; my neck lets me enjoy those things for a couple of weeks but then it will get the ugly tight knotted muscles in my neck, sure as I can say – “Jack The Rabbit “.

It started many years ago, in a far away land. No I am joking. It did begin when I learned to downhill ski and I used my shoulder and neck muscles to pull myself up the hill on the T-Bar. I fell a few times and had to hang on to that bar so I could get to the top. Yelp! Help! I learned to handle the ski lifts quite well eventually, but there is always, especially with T-Bars a very precarious method that even if I have mastered the t-bar, someone on that same T-Bar has not. I remember hanging onto the bottom of a t-bar because someone veered the t-bar over behind me and I got off the skii track and lost my control. Well I hung onto the bottom of that bar for the rest of the way until I got to the top of the hill. All the way up, I could feel my shoulders and neck screaming for me to give it some relief. I couldn’t let go!

In 2008 I was in a car accident that set my neck back to even being more of a problem. Back to physio. More massages. Yoga helps me relax but it does not heal or rejuvenate my neck. Meditation really helps though.

It could also have begun back when I was pulling my 2 little toddlers in our red wagon. I ended up in physiotherapy after pulling them around for a summer.

My neck tension is back and I am conquering the battle of getting my neck muscles to ease up. I finally resort to Advil and Tylenol 3 times a day for 2 weeks.

I do these things to release first:

  1. grab the hair on each side of my head and pull for 15 seconds
  2. pinch the muscles under my chin and side of my neck for 15 seconds
  3. sit and close my eyes in meditation while on the floor sitting on a cushion in lotus position

I guess I need to keep calm in the storm and stay afloat and relaxed. Hard to do sometimes.

Pain is useful information!

2 responses to “My Achilles Heel”

  1. Dang, no fun. Hope you get some relief from your literal pain in the neck.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My neck is so much better today (hallelujah) and I am going for a neck and shoulder massage today.


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