Digging Up The Soul

Do you plant a garden? Do you dig, cultivate, harrow, hoe into that soil. The dirt. Ours is a sandy soil on our property in Saskatchewan. We have had rain of 1 inch + 6/10th which we are happy about. The wind is always blowing to keep things dry after a rain, more often than not. So when we planted our vegetables, row x row in the dirt; we were pleased that a bit of dark moistness after an inch or two of digging, was showing up, as we placed the seed in the dirt.

I sent a text to a friend of mine and told her that my husband was just out digging up the ‘soul’ that morning for the garden planting preparations. Of course a typo as I meant ‘soil’. I corrected it on the next text. She replied in good humour with “we all need to dig up and into our SOUL every now and then”.

I like how that was re-phrased. Dig up the soul, dig into the soul. How about loosening up the soul.

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